Arm Length

Minimum overall arm length: 8' (2.44m) 
Maximum overall arm length: 16' (4.88m) 
Minimum length from center post: 4' (1.22m)
Maximum length from center post: 12' (3.66m) 
The spoonbill adds 2'3" (0.69m) to the above length measurements.


Super Jib Configuration

Maximum height: 13'8" (4.17m)
Minimum height: -5'6" (-1.67m)
Effective lift range: 19'2" (5.84m) a dolly height of 2'5" (0.74m)
Spoon mounted over- or underslung will effect the height by 9.2" (0.23m)
Max payload: 125lbs (56kg)

Weight: complete Super Jib without leads: 375 lbs (170kg)