Built-in adjustable dampening provides the fluid head feel to which most accomplished camera operators have become accustomed. This feature sets the Aerocrane Super Jib apart, allowing the operator to go beyond the restrictions of conventional camera support systems.

In addition, Aerocrane’s heavy duty four-way leveling head provides an extremely stable platform, which compensates up to 5 degrees.  The basic version allows you to build an arm reach from 6’3" (1.91m) to 14’3" (4.35m). The Aerocrane sealed lead counterweights, combined with a sliding weight, allow the operator to attain the perfect balance with any camera package, at any length.

The Aerocrane Super Jib Arm features a fully adjustable Mitchell spoonbill, in two axes, which will support any camera or remote-head, in any position, with lens heights from -5'6" (-1.67m) to 13’8" (4.17m).

Versatility and flexibility are the trademarks of the Aerocrane Super Jib Arm. It has given countless professionals more freedom of choice to create those “special shots” without the compromises imposed by competing arms. When mounted on a dolly, the stable and smooth Aerocrane Super Jib Arm easily delivers compound moves with minimal time and effort.